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  • 【Function】: By heating the surface of the oil drum or liquefied gas tank, the viscosity of the objects in the barrel is reduced evenly. Ideal for heating up WVO for settling or processing biodiesel. Flexible springs are used to attach the silicon heater around various diameter drums. The springs can stretch up to about 3 inches. Fits most 55 gallon drums.

  • 【Temperature Control】: This heater is controlled by a an adjustable thermostat.Temperature adjustment range is 30 to 150°C ( 80 to 300 °F). For plastic drums, it is recommended to keep the thermostat set below 37°C (100°F)

  • 【Heating Effect】: This heater has good heating effect, and the internal heating body uses nickel-chromium alloy wire, which has has the characteristics of flat-plate ultra-thin and fast heat generation, high thermal efficiency and long service life.

  • 【Performance Safety】: The springs and the hooks at the two ends, the installation is convenient, the energy saving is safe.Silicone rubber heater combines aluminum alloy and silicon rubber through a special process. Moisture-proof silicone rubber and alkali-free glass fiber double insulation, so that the heater insulation performance is more reliable.

  • 【Service】:The drum heater has passed rigorous testing and ensure the product quality.Contact us if you have any questions.We have professional customer service and will try our best to help you.

  • CWeep Metal Drum Heater Oil Drum Heater of Silicone Rubber with Adjustable Thermostat 55Gallon 200L 4.9 &Prime X 68.5 &Prime 1000W B07QCN4PWJ

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